How It Works
RoofHeat installed to prevent ice dams. RoofHeat system being installed.
RoofHeat is rolled out over the area to be heated and uses resistance to heat the roof mass. The RoofHeat system operates on low-voltage and is typically connected to a 24 volt transformer. The RoofHeat system is self-regulating and will not overheat.

A Closer Look:
The low-voltage, radiant roof deicing systems contain three main components:

Heating Element - Heat cable for snow melting systems is installed at 4-inch spacings for concrete and asphalt retrofit applications and is kept within 2-inches of the surface for maximum performance.

Unlike most radiant heating cable that will melt due to the extreme heat of new-pour asphalt, Warmzone offers rugged heat cable that is capable of withstanding the extreme temperatures of new asphalt, making Warmzone radiant heat solutions popular among contractors and construction professionals.

Several types of heating cables are available for radiant snow melting and floor warming systems. ClearZone heat cable is the proven workhorse and is available in pre-spaced mats or individual cable length. The mats feature cable pre-woven into an existing mat that can be conveniently rolled out for quick installation. Designed to provide reliable, maintenance-free snow melting performance during harsh winter conditions, a ClearZone snowmelt system is one of the most trusted and popular electric driveway heating and snow melting systems available.

While ClearZone heat cable is typically used for new heated driveways and sidewalks, existing concrete and asphalt surfaces can also be retrofitted with ClearZone radiant heat cable. Using saw-cut grooves, the cable is embedded securely in the pavement and covered with a strong, protective sealant, resulting in efficient radiant snow melting for years to come.

Control Unit - The master control unit fills the need for a maintenance-free, UL listed snowmelt system for home and business owners. The control unit features manual override capability and energy-efficient, under-pavement heating to safely and effectively provide reliable snow and ice melting for sidewalks, driveways and other outdoor applications.

The design of the control box is extremely robust for any weather situation and is very rugged and easy to use. It is the only control unit of its kind that is UL listed for use in residential areas, which means the control system has passed the rigorous demands required to achieve the industry's highest standards of safety. Being UL listed ensures that your home's fire insurance policy will not be voided by installing the snowmelt system. The advanced design, circuitry and durability of the control unit ensures safe, accurate, and efficient performance.

Activation Device - Most electric heated driveways require no maintenance and are fully automated. An outdoor snow sensor is connected to the master control unit and automatically activates the heated driveway snowmelt system when the sensor plate detects precipitation and temperatures are below 38 degrees Fahrenheit. (The sensor must be installed in an area where it is exposed

Depending on your needs, you can choose the activation device that is best for your electric radiant heating system: An aerial-mounted snow switch, a snow switch mounted directly into the pavement, or a simple 12-hour timer.

Our radiant heat experts are happy to work with you in selecting the activation device that is best for your radiant snowmelt system. Browse our web site for additional information or call us today at 888-488-9276.