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Roof Deicing Systems

Radiant Roof Heating and Gutter Trace Solutions

Warmzone roof deicing systems prevent the buildup of ice and large icicles around eaves, drains, and valleys. The RoofHeat STEP low-voltage system can be installed under new or existing asphalt/shake/tile shingles, metal roofs, and is ideal for new construction or remodeling. Self-regulating heat cables are also available for heating gutters and retrofitting existing roofs with radiant heat.

Heated roof edge. RoofHeat STEP is simple enough to install that do-it-yourself pros can do all the layout. However, it is important to note that a qualified electrician must wire the electrical work of the system. The advanced heating element has several advantages. It is low profile and does not cause any roof buildup, and is installed discreetly underneath your shingles or roofing to heat uniformly, unlike some radiant heat systems that are warmer near the heat source. Each roof heating system is fully automated and features a single control unit that is wall mounted in your utility room or garage.

RoofHeat is a very unique product that, in addition to being installed under shingle roofs, can also be installed under metal roofs as well as carpet, tile, laminate and stone floors. Because the radiant heating system is low voltage, you can actually touch it when it is on and not receive a shock. RoofHeat automatically warms your roof to prevent snow and ice buildup so you can enjoy the benefits of roof deicing without worry. Call us today and tell us about your project so we design a snow melting system that is perfect for your home (888.488.9276).

Reasons to Invest in an Electric Roof Deicing System

♦  Easy to install Our systems are not labor intensive. Because of the simplicity of the installation, costs for installing the roof deicing systems can be much less than those when installing other systems.
♦  Safety Prevent dangerous icicles from forming that can fall and cause injury. Falling ice creates slick sidewalks and dangerous walkways for pedestrians.
♦  No residual maintenance Because our systems are virtually maintenance free, yearly maintenance costs for the end user will be non-existent. Yearly checkups are not needed, and costs for repairing leaky pipes (of hydronic systems) will not be a problem.
♦  No system housing Our roof deicing systems are controlled a small control box that hangs on the wall. There is no need to use any additional square footage of your home or garage to house the equipment for a Warmzone roof heating system.
♦  Efficiency Install the most efficient roof deicing systems available (99% of all energy goes to snow melting).
♦  Low operating costs Melt snow on a 300-square-foot area with the RoofHeat STEP system for around $0.56 per continuous hour of operation.
♦  Minimal operation time The high efficiency of the RoofHeat system means it can use up to 30% less energy than some other radiant snow melting systems.
♦  Automation Warmzone roof deicing systems utilize 100% automated devices that detect precipitation and temperature, activating the system only when needed. The automated devices detect the weather conditions, turning the system on just before the snow storm hits for maximum performance.
♦  Added Value Extend the life of your roof by installing a radiant roof deicing system. The lifespan of your roof can be extended because damaging ice buildup, ice dams, and icicles will be eliminated.
♦  Investment Roof deicing systems are an excellent investment for raising the value of your home. By installing a radiant roof heating system, you can protect your roof and home by preventing ice dams and subsequent water damage, thereby increasing the resale value of your home, commercial property, or cabin.

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